First card to provide background to my Postcrossing-Story

Some weeks ago I told you about my plan to combine two of my hobbies into one story. I had the idea to ask my Postcrossing- and Facebook exchange fellows to add a little bit of their world into my story. Having announced this, Stefan was the first to contribute with this great card.


Many thanks again! And his story will be the background for one of my main characters. So stay tuned… although I’m still in the phase to set up the framework for this project (topic, character + description of the different characters, places, time and all other details needed for a great story), you can already participate and share your thoughts, ideas, names, places… whatever you want to be part in a story through Postcrossing.

Über Nelle

Ich liebe Bücher. Schon bevor ich in die Schule gekommen bin, hat mich die Welt der Bücher gefangen genommen. Und seitdem hat sich nichts verändert. Jedes Buch, dass mir in die Hände fällt, wird gelesen. Na gut... nicht wirklich jedes. Aber fast jedes.
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