Dear all,

In this very section of my blog I’d love to collect ideas and small passages from postcrossers all over the world.  I had the idea long time ago, as I love reading + writing (not only postcards! :-)). And why not inviting the whole world to join a great writing experience with a little more packground/purpose. I love to read everything about you and your country. But is such a great network and for sure there are many great writers out there… I’d love to invite you all in one project –> the book being written on postcrossing postcards.

Stay tuned to read the first ideas in this writing-postcards-with-content-challenge!

How to participate:

  1. You need to be a Postcrossing-member on
  2. You receive my address and you want to join the project or
  3. You would like to join the project by swapping cards with me

Über Nelle

Ich liebe Bücher. Schon bevor ich in die Schule gekommen bin, hat mich die Welt der Bücher gefangen genommen. Und seitdem hat sich nichts verändert. Jedes Buch, dass mir in die Hände fällt, wird gelesen. Na gut... nicht wirklich jedes. Aber fast jedes.
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