Isn’t it all about „sharing“?

Today was one of those days…. you could really go mad about. But… there is always a way out or (for my German readers: „Ein Licht am Ende des Tunnels“). And yes… in the evening, to be honest: I was really late due to work overload, there was a nice + helpful passenger on the way to Muenster. As DB wasn’t able to announce the change of the platform, I jumped into the train and he helped me out. Thanks a lot stranger. 🙂

Furthermore I got 2 nice replies on postcrossing (pls. see my first post yesterday about this great online platform). One from someone in Germany; he thanked me for a funny „Ruhrpott“ postcard I had sent to him a day earlier. And another from Alex, the one with the great Edward Hopper card. Thanks again… and that’s the reason why I’m on postcrossing.

And not to forget today’s postcard: thanks Izabel!

But there’s been another snail mail in my postbox today! A letter! Totally different to all those cards… but really, really nice. Unfortunately it’s too late today… and work (and an early wake-up call) is already waiting for me… but I will get back to you, Tanja, for sure. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your time, thoughts and kindness with me.

Über Nelle

Ich liebe Bücher. Schon bevor ich in die Schule gekommen bin, hat mich die Welt der Bücher gefangen genommen. Und seitdem hat sich nichts verändert. Jedes Buch, dass mir in die Hände fällt, wird gelesen. Na gut... nicht wirklich jedes. Aber fast jedes.
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